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Honeywell forms Advanced Solutions business with Matrikon assets

HONEYWELL has formed a new advanced solutions business which leverage the connectivity and broad platform capability of its Matrikon acquisition.

The new Advanced Solutions portfolio integrates Matrikon capabilities with Honeywell’s applications and solutions business. According to the company, it can deliver a breadth of solutions, domain expertise, consultant and technology to the market.

Honeywell’s solutions enable customers in the mining, chemical, petrochemical, refining, oil & gas and power sectors to deploy enterprise-wide solutions across their process infrastructure to better control and optimise their manufacturing footprint, better extract information and to make faster and smarter decisions that can transform their business.

According to the company, it is catering to process customers who are demanding solutions which can work with any control system or application seamlessly across the enterprise.

Matrikon’s has a track record for open connectivity, agility and innovation. This will be combined with Honeywell’s lifecycle protection and skills in project execution and products.

With the Advanced Solutions portfolio, customers can anticipate problems before they occur, collaborate to overcome obstacles and optimise performance by taking action, reducing costs, increasing overall enterprise profits and business excellence.

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