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Hitachi and Entega enter development partnership


Entega AG and Hitachi Europe have announced the decision to enter a development partnership to further increase the companies’ capabilities in operational optimisation for technical equipment and automated energy trading.

The goal of the partnership is the application and further development of a Hitachi solution to control the optimal use of electricity and heat generation systems, taking into account real-time market data, and the execution of the optimisation recommendations of the software via automatic algorithmic trade in real time.

Citiworks AG, a subsidiary of Entega, incorporates the experience gained from the introduction of fully automated algorithmic trading in the spot markets and the marketing of system services.

Hitachi brings its optimisation expertise together with the many years of experience in the field of energy generation and distribution systems, trade optimisation, data analytics and machine learning, as well as in the development of control software into the project and is the licensor of the software.

The duration of the project will be six months. Following this period, Hitachi will offer the solution to the market, and Citiworks will integrate the solution into the company’s service portfolio, offer it to interested customers and use it for its own optimisation.

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