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Highlights and award winners from the Women in Industry Awards 2024

The Women in Industry Awards 2024 was a memorable evening dedicated to honouring the exceptional contributions and accomplishments of women.

Held this evening at Doltone House Hyde Park Ballroom in Sydney, the gala honoured those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and commitment to their fields.

The night saw many awards presented to remarkable women in different industries.

The ‘Excellence in Engineering 2024’ award went to Allyson Woodford from APA Group for the work she has undertaken in her role as general manager of Engineering and Planning.

“I’m really proud to be here with my colleagues from APA GROUP… thank you very much, I’m very proud and I’m incredibly grateful for the award,” said Woodford.

The evening culminated in the announcement of the prestigious ‘Woman of the Year’ award, which was ultimately won by Derelle Mitchell, managing director at Health Focus Manufacturing.

Not only did Mitchell take home this prestigious award, but she also took home the ‘Excellence in Manufacturing 2024’ award for her contributions to the cosmetics manufacturing sector.

“I’m thrilled to except this award, I’m way out of my safety zone… I’m not in my steel caps or safety vest… I’m very humbled and thank you for tonight,” said Mitchell.

“The most enjoyment I get out of my job is giving good people jobs… if it wasn’t for  them I wouldn’t be here today.”

Manager of National Accounts in Defence, Utilities and Infrastructure at United Rentals, Sandra Robinson won the ‘Business Development Success of the Year 2024.’

“The ladies I was up against were so amazing I didn’t even prepare a speech…the industry isn’t perfect, there’s a lot of work, but I’m very confident, especially with the women in this room, that the right changes will come,” said Robinson.

‘Excellence in Energy 2024’ was won by Vesna Olles for leaps and bounds she has made whilst director of Strategy and Clean Energy at BOC Limited.

“It’s an honour to be in this room among all the amazing finalists… I get to do amazing things with amazing people, I have an excellent group of engineers… I’m very honoured for this award, said Olles.

Kirstin Reblin was awarded the ‘Mentor of the Year 2024’ because of the guidance she provided as general manager of Transformation at Opal Packaging,

“I’m sorry but I’m a bit touched… I’m so happy to see so many women and men tonight supporting the event… people ask me why I spend so much time mentoring, it’s very simple, I get very happy seeing women succeed in male dominated industries… courage starts with showing up, and letting ourselves to be seen, I thank everyone nominated for the award, and for letting themselves be seen,” said Reblin.

Throughout the process leading up to the awards themselves, the nominees were evaluated by a distinguished panel of representatives from various industry associations like Engineers Australia and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre.

The Women in Industry Awards 2024 was a celebration of progress, diversity, and the achievements of the women who are breaking down barriers in their respective fields.

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