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High temperature-resistant accelerometer for vibration monitoring of gas turbine

Bestech Australia has released the Piezoelectric accelerometer by Endevco, 6243M1/M2, which has been specifically designed for extremely high-temperature environments such as in aircraft and ground-based gas turbines.

These accelerometers are capable of withstanding temperature up to 760oC under intermittent operation and up to 650oC under continuous operations. In this case, intermittent operation is defined as continuous exposure of 5 minutes over a 60 minutes period. They are also compact and light-weight that are ideal for installation in a restricted and difficult to access area.

The 6243M1 and 6243M2 differs in terms of the location of its sensitive axis reference to the mounting screw; parallel and perpendicular, respectively. The sensors are hermetically shield and designed to prevent pyroelectric and thermal velocity spike.

When purchased, the accelerometer come with a standard 120-inch integral hardline cable which can be modified to the customer-specified length. As the connector can only withstand maximum temperature of 482oC, it is crucial to select the appropriate length to prolong the sensor lifetime.

Bestech Australia distributes the full range of Endevco products in Australia and New Zealand. We also have product specialist in-house and experienced application engineers to assist with any vibration measurement applications. For more information, please visit our website or contact us.

Key features are:

  • Sensitivity : 5.5pC/g
  • Frequency response: 50hZ to 3000hZ
  • Mass: 30grams, excluding cable
  • Five per cent transverse sensitivity
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