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High-speed data acquisition with mobile data recorder

Recording data from a range of products is now even easier with the release of a powerful new product from global test and measurement group HBM.

The GEN3i data recorder, part of the Genesis High Speed family, offers a virtually unlimited range of application possibilities. And its compact dimensions make it ideal for mobile use – whether for troubleshooting, maintenance, or commissioning of generators, turbines or engines.

It’s also the right instrument for use in the laboratory, for power test stands or destructive material testing. The GEN3i is also the right instrument for use in the laboratory, in power test stands, or destructive material testing.

With the GEN3i, data is transferred directly to the storage medium at speeds as high as 200MB/s. In addition, up to 96 input channels can be configured as required and data can be continuously transferred to hard disk.

In addition, fast sweeps can be recorded. Twenty-one different data acquisition cards are also available – e.g. with a 1000 V direct input voltage or sampling rates of 100 MS/s.

The GEN3i is ready to run immediately. Depending on the selected acquisition mode, continuous recording or triggered sweeps , data is either stored on disk directly (streaming to disk) or first buffered in high-speed RAM to offer transient recorder speed without any throughput limitations.

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