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High-speed cable taping solution

For those cables that require helical taping, Rosendahl has introduced the ROTA 500 helical tape applicator.

It is designed for polymer tape materials and supports high-speed taping of up to 1000 rpm. Products from 20 up to 60 mm in diameter can be taped on the ROTA 500.

It is a concentric tape applicator that is used for both inline and offline solutions.

Very long tape lengths can be applied by using large tape spool sizes (500 mm in diameter and 500 mm in length) on a carton core.

Different cable applications require different taping materials. Some examples are as a separator material between the cable core and the jacket, or a water swellable tape or powder taping etc.

The ROTA 500 not only provides for flexibility, but also for a high degree of productivity.

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