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High precision Z-axis nanopositioners

Aerotech ( has introduced a series of Z-axis piezo nanopositioning stages for extreme precision research and industrial requirements.

The new QNP-Z stages join a family that includes the QNP-L linear and QNP-XY stages, providing a complete range of positioning solutions for most extreme precision applications.

Applications include:

  • Test & Inspection
  • Industrial and Academic Laboratories
  • Military
  • Nanometrology
  • Microscopy
  • Semiconductors
  • Microelectronics
  • Optics
  • Photonics
  • Data Storage
  • Precision Mechanics
  • Metals
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical Devices

They provide the resolution, linearity, repeatability, and high dynamics required for the most demanding applications from microscopy to optics alignment. Nanometer-level precision is assured by resolution to 0.15 nm, linearity to 0.007%, and bidirectional repeatability to 1 nm.

A variety of travels (100 μm to 600 μm), feedback options, and vacuum versions add to the versatility of this stage series. They are guided by precision flexures that are optimized using finite element analysis. The resulting design offers outstanding stiffness and resonant frequency (up to 1050 Hz) enabling high process throughput and fast closed-loop response.

All QNP stages provide excellent geometric performance (straightness and angular errors) while minimizing overall package size. Available adapter plates allow linear, XY, and Z-axis stages to be mounted together for simultaneous multi-axis positioning.

Aerotech is a leading global supplier of positioning and motion control products for industry, government, science and research institutions. Its products provide critical performance for demanding applications requiring high precision, high-throughput motion control solutions.

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