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High performance pressure transmitters for small spaces

ifm efector introduces its latest range of pressure transmitters offering a compact design, high performance, short response time and a favourable price.

The extra small design of the new ifm PT and PU series pressure transmitters makes them particularly ideal for space constrained applications. Generating a precise analogue signal (4-20 mA for PT and 0-10 V for PU), the new pressure transmitters perform well in any environment.

A thin-film measuring cell directly welded to the process connection (G¼) is responsible for the measuring accuracy of < ± 0.5 % and repeatability of < ± 0.05 %. In addition to the quick response time of only 1 millisecond, the sensors also offer design advantages such as a compact construction and robust stainless steel housing. The sensors are connected via an M12 connector.

The seal-less process connection makes the sensors suitable not only for hydraulic applications but also inert gases. The laser labelling on the housing ensures the sensor can be identified even after use in such applications.

Key benefits of the ifm PT and PU series pressure transmitters also include high vibration and shock resistance and protection rating of IP67 or IP69K, making them suitable for use in almost all industrial applications. 

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