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High performance portable workstation

NextComputing has released the Radius Live; a high-performance portable workstation specifically tailored to media applications such as real-time graphics, event production, presentation capture, video editing, and on-set data management.

Every NextComputing portable computer offers full-size PCIe expansion slots and massive storage capabilities to meet the needs of your most demanding applications. 

The Radius Live also offers low-noise fans and a quiet power supply, providing the performance you need without interfering with noise-sensitive production environments. 

The chassis also offers an integrated 5.25″ bay option for expansion devices like LTO tape drives, removable SSD carriers, camera card readers, and additional hard drives.

Features include: 

•    5.25" bay for a variety of add-on devices or extra storage
•    Low acoustics for production environments
•    Integrated 17.3" full HD display with optional resistive touchscreen
•    Multiple expansion slots for multi-GPU card support
•    Easy to transport with comfortable leather handle
•    Single or dual enterprise-class Intel Xeon or single Intel Core i7 processor (including latest v3 versions)
•    Up to 256GB DDR4 memory
•    SATA, SAS, or Solid State Drives; up to (8) removable or up to (8) internal fixed
•    Up to (7) PCI Express expansion slots with support for a range of graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD

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