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High-load, ultra-precision hexapod positioner

Aerotech has introduced a high-load, ultra-precision hexapod positioning system with guaranteed accuracy specifications. The HexGen HEX500-350HL provides six degrees of freedom positioning with linear travels to 110mm and angular travels to 40 degrees.

With its high-load capacity, large travels, high speeds, and sub micrometer precision, the product handles a wide range of laboratory and industrial applications. It is driven by AC brushless, slotless servomotors that maximise device lifetime and performance. Strut pivot-joints are engineered to provide low friction and high stiffness, enhancing the overall hexapod performance.

The product’s A3200 motion control software allows simple programming and control of the hexapod in multiple user-defined coordinate systems with an intuitive interface and real-time motion visualisation. The system is also available with an absolute encoder option for applications that demand no movement on start-up or power loss.

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