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High Density Polyethylene Centre of Excellence opens in Queensland

SkillsTech Australia in partnership with industry recently opened the High Density Polyethylene (HDPE /PE100) Centre of Excellence at the Acacia Ridge Training Centre in Queensland.

SkillsTech Australia Business Manager John Mahony said the centre was a year in the making and an example of the TAFE institute working with industry to provide training specific to their needs.

“This centre has been established in partnership with training organisation Polymer Fusion Technology (PFT) to train HDPE welders to benchmark industry standard and Australian best practice,” Mahony said.

“Our world-class facilities, trade-qualified teachers and up-to-date industry equipment result in skills that will provide opportunities to Queenslanders to work in the mining and construction sectors.

“With industry support from manufacturers Iplex Pipelines and Georg Fischer, we are creating skills today for Queensland’s future.”

Iplex National Infrastructure Manager Michael Doyle said combining industry knowledge with the established training capability of Skills Tech Australia and PFT would help meet demand for skilled workers.

“Together, we have established this training centre to cater not only for the industry’s demand for more of this type of training, but more importantly to develop a multi-level course structure over a period of time,” Doyle said.

“This structure will allow our industry clients the opportunity to access a program that allows the trainee to progressively gain multiple levels of accreditation.

“Each level of accreditation is designed to further increase their knowledge and advance their skill set.” A Certificate III in Polymer Processing is now available at SkillsTech Australia.

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