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Henkel seeks diversification

Chemical products company The Henkel Group has appointed its head of Consumer Adhesives Jeremy Hunter to lead its Australian and New Zealand (A/NZ) operations.

Across the A/NZ region, Henkel operations are centered on the Adhesives, Sealants & Surface Treatment and Personal Care.

Jeremy Hunter provides the business with extensive global experience gained as a result of secondments in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Europe and the Asia Pacific Region. Having established strong sales, marketing and operations expertise, he is poised to lead Henkel A/NZ on a new growth phase.

With over 20 years experience, Jeremy’s priority is to reengineer Henkel’s service offerings by adopting a collaborative approach to servicing the customer through niche offerings rather than only being a supplier of products.

A strong ‘customer and employee’ comes first philosophy will be the core driver for Henkel A/NZ’s new Managing Director. “If you empower your employees and treat them well, they will look after your customers. And, if you are looking after your customers then that will generate all sorts of returns notwithstanding shareholder value”, Mr. Hunter says.

On the business front he is looking to diversify Henkel’s traditional market segments. “Increased pressure from competitive manufacturing from the Asia-Pacific region is breeding a generation of companies who are innovative and resourceful and looking to elevate Australian manufacturing capabilities into more niche areas. We, at Henkel are realigning our priorities to lead that push”, he said.

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