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Heat exhanger destined for NZ winery

A Teralba Industries head exchanger is proving to be “very successful” where it is installed in a New Zealand winery, according to the company.

The Dimpleflo Modubloc Heat Exchanger, released earlier this year, provides increased energy efficiency, high heat transfer co-efficients and lower pressure drops on the product side, according to Teralba.

The Dimpleflo Modubloc pictured has the capacity to cool 50,000 l/hr of crushed grape must from 20ºC down to 8 ºC in a single pass.

The heat exchanger was designed for processing slurries and viscous products, and is especially suited to fouling products such as sewerage sludge and waste water.

The Dimpleflo offers an insulated modular stainless steel cabinet which minimises any radiant energy losses and forms and is virtually maintenance-free, according to the company.

The heat exchanger can also offer increased capacity as future plant requirements change.

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