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Hawk Measurement’s Gladiator Acoustic Switch receives award

Hawk Measurement has won the 2011 Innovation Product of the Year Award presented by Flow Control Magazine.

The Gladiator Amplifier powers two AW Transducers, which use special Hawk developed software in which both units pulse and receive each other’s acoustic echoes.

When the path between the transducers is blocked, the units immediately detect the presence/ absence change of the return signal and trigger a communications relay for indication or control purposes.

The Transducers work either together or independently to detect pulse interference, allowing twice the application security.

Hawk’s Acoustic Wave Transducers are self-cleaning and do not require contact with the product. The power of each pulse (pressure wave) blows the water, moisture and build-up off the face of the diaphragm.

The switch requires a simple 1 minute setup and allows for remote test function. Communication options include GosHawk, Modbus, HART, Profibus DP and DeviceNet.

Jack Evans, President of Hawk Measurement America, stated “I am very excited that our Gladiator Acoustic Switch has been selected as Flow Controls’ Innovative Product of the Year.

"We introduced the Self-Cleaning Gladiator Acoustic Switch Series with non-contact, self-cleaning technology for blocked chute detection in October of 2010.

"Our Development Team has worked hard to design a product for continuous operation in dusty, wet environments where other technologies have been known to fail. This is truly a breakthrough in acoustic wave technology and we are delighted with our customers’ reaction.”

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