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Hawk Measurement holds mining roadshow in WA

Hawk Measurement Systems is participating in a road show for the mining industry in Western Australia from 16th to 20th March, and will be showcasing its award-winning ORCA Sonar product.

The ORCA Sonar won Processing magazine’s breakthrough product of 2008 award. It will measure up to two density interfaces simusta¬neously, either bed level or RAS blanket and floc/fluff layer or clarity of water.

Also on display will be Hawk’s Sultan Acoustic Wave level technology, which emits a high powered reflected acoustic wave transmit pulse. The transmission of high powered acoustic waves ensures minimal losses through the environment where the sensor is located.

The new Gladiator Switch series of vibration and conductivity switches will also be displayed.

The road show will stop at the following locations and anyone is free to attend: Bunbury 16th March, Rockingham 17th March, Kalgoorlie 18th March, and Karratha 20th March.

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