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Harsh environment motor controller released

The MOVIFIT asynchronous motor controller from SEW-EURODRIVE combines the advantages of decentralised installation technology, such as short wiring distances and modular machine design, with the food and beverage industry’s more demanding requirements such as stringent cleaning processes.

With an IP69K degree of protection, MOVIFIT is suitable for harsh manufacturing environments, and is designed to withstand high pressure / high temperature water cleaning. 

MOVIFIT also features a unique coating that is scratch resistant, and is resistant to common industrial cleaning agents. The aseptic housing design incorporates a sloping surface, reducing the possibility of bacteria build up due to accumulation of waste debris.

The sloping housing contours encourage water and cleaning agents to drain-off the unit during the cleaning and sanitation process. 

The unit design comprising of a “terminal box” style connection chamber and a separate housing for the electronic components assures quick replacement of electronics section without disconnecting the wiring. The dual-chamber design protects the power electronics against humidity.

MOVIFIT delivers the flexibility, scalability and powerful connectivity required to support the food and beverage industry’s advanced materials handling applications, such as conveyor systems in both wet and dry areas.


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