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Harsh environment enclosures

NHP has introduced Fibox ARCA polycarbonate enclosures that are designed for use in harsh and demanding environments. 

Manufactured using glass reinforced polycarbonate, this combination is as strong as steel without any risk of corrosion. This means extended lifetime and excellent security. The rugged ARCA range is also high-impact and UV resistant, aesthetically pleasing and provides protection against vandalism.

With no requirement for complicated tools courtesy of an easy to use DIN-rail frame set design and lockable inner door, customisation can be achieved either on site or in the factory.    

Variable depth options for internal plates as well as multiple locking options provide increased flexibility and ensure a safe and secure solution for the most demanding of applications. An IP 66 rating also provides valuable peace of mind for use in wet and dusty environments.

Available in 7 common sizes, NHP can provide custom milling for the ARCA range of polycarbonate enclosures. 

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