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Harsh environment 8-Port Gigabit Managed Switches

Antaira’s new industrial gigabit managed Ethernet switch line (LMX-0804G-SFP series) has been designed to fulfill applications in harsh or outdoor environments. 

Some applications where the LMX-0804G-SFP switch works well includes power/utility, solar grids, windmills, mining infrastructures, factory/process control automation, ITS – roadway traffic control/monitoring, building facility outdoor infrastructures or security surveillance and access control systems.

Antaira Technologies’ LMX-0804G-SFP series is a cost effective 8-port industrial gigabit managed Ethernet switch with a 12~48VDC power input range support. 

Each unit is designed with four 10/100/1000Tx RJ45 ports, and four 100/1000 dual rate SFP slots for flexible fiber connection options. Four fiber ports allows for the implementation of a fiber optic ring as well as a separate fiber home run. 

With a 16 Gigabit backplane speed, the LMX-0804G-SFP supports Jumbo Frame and wide bandwidth for huge Ethernet data packet transmission for edge level connectivity solutions. 

The product series provides high EFT, surge (2,000VDC) and ESD (6,000VDC) protection. It is also built with a dual power input design with reverse polarity protection, and has a built-in relay warning function to alert maintainers when power failures occur. This makes it ideal for applications demanding a high reliability and distance extension.

This product series is pre-loaded with “Layer 2” network management software that supports an ease of use Web Console or Telnet through the serial console by CLI configuration. 

All Antaira managed switches provide the ring network redundancy function with STP/RSTP/MSTP and the ITU-T G.8032 (ERPS – Ethernet Ring Protection Switch) protocol, which supports a <50ms network recovery time, eliminating the compatibility issue for any existing network concerns. In addition, the built-in SNMP, VLAN, IGMP, QoS features support network planners to increase data transmission performance within the network. 

The external USB2.0 port allows the user to export and save all the configuration settings. Lastly, the flexible “custom label” feature allows networking planners to name each connection port. By naming each port, the networking planners can easily manage remote field devices.

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