A handy jumpstart to have on hand


Anyone who has operated heavy machinery will be familiar with this story. Waking up early on a cold winter morning to start up a vehicle, only to discover the engine is still asleep. It may briefly roll over, cough, sputter, grumble and then turn back around, unaware that there are places to go and urgent work that needs to get done.   

It is in these moments, that the CRC AEROSTART solution can play a vital role in getting an engine, and the day started. 

The AEROSTART formula contains about 26 per cent ether which repels the surface of the engine, becoming airborne and creating an instant combustion effect that jerks the engine awake.  

But the story behind AEROSTART involves more than jumpstarting vehicles. 

Headquartered in Australia, CRC Industries has long been recognised as a supplier of premium quality aerosol products. 

According to David Bailey, the National Business Development Manager, CRC had been trying to create a competitor to the AEROSTART line for several years. 

“What we discovered was that Australian customers were extremely loyal to the AEROSTART brand and its performance, so we ended up acquiring the company as CRC.” 

Before acquiring AEROSTART, the product was CRC’s largest competitor in the starting products market. 

What made them the market leader? According to David, it is the AEROSTART secret formula.

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