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Handling high viscosity, high temperature oil

KELAIR has provided a Viking Spur Gear SG-0716 pump for a client handling PIB oil, at 100°C, with viscosity of 5000 to 7500 cst and a required 21 bar discharge pressure.

Due to the viscous product, Kelair supplied the Viking Spur Gear SG-0716 pump with 1.5” oversized inlet ports, as opposed to the standard 1” connections.

The pumps have heat-treated gears and case-hardened steel shafts. Each gear is supported by two bushes to assure performance at high pressures. The lip seal design can handle pressures of up to 500psi.

Kelair replaced the standard needle bearings with cast iron bushes for the high temperature requirements. The pump also utilises Viton elastomers instead of the standard Buna.

As standard, the SG series pumps incorporate an integral pressure relief valve. This prevents excessive pressure build-up in the discharge line.

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