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Handheld infrared thermometer measures up to 2000°C for industrial applications

Bestech Australia introduces four new models to their range of handheld infrared thermometers.

Suitable for recognising object temperature from 0°C to 2000°C, the new thermoMETER P20 from Bestech Australia adopts a non-contact measurement technique to detect target temperature at a maximum distance of 12 metres.

The mobile thermoMETER P20 infrared thermometers are used in blast furnace, forging processes, temperature measurement of liquid metals and OEM applications.

Key features of the new thermoMETER P20 infrared thermometers include integrated laser aiming together with optional telescopic sight to allow exact sighting of measuring targets; and handheld temperature sensor featuring an adjustable emissivity from 0.100 to 1.000 with spectral range of 525 nm – 14μm. 

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