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Half a million and counting

More than 500,000 Wonderware software licenses have been deployed around the globe.

Approximately one-third of the world’s plants run Wonderware software solutions. Software licenses have been sold to more than 100,000 plants/facilities worldwide, which accounts for 33 percent of the world’s 305,544 plants with 20 or more employees.

“To our knowledge, no other industrial software company has achieved this type of success as evidenced by the number of software licenses and customers,” said Steve Garbrecht, Wonderware director of product marketing. “This is a testament to the wide-scale adoption of Wonderware applications in many industries around the world. By having such a large installed base, Wonderware is able to build upon the collective experiences of our customers, channel and partners to deliver innovative software that enables the best possible operations and information management solutions in the industry.”

Wonderware has alliances with a wide range of system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers and independent software vendors, as well as customers in virtually every global industry representing both manufacturing and industrial market segments which include water/wastewater, oil and gas, food and beverage, utilities, pharmaceuticals, electronics, metals and automotive.

“Wonderware commands a large installed base of customers, so users can feel confident in purchasing software from the company because we have a proven industry track record of delivery and quality,” Garbrecht said. “They can be secure in the fact that Wonderware will be around for the long haul to evolve the value of their software solution investments by providing the same ease of use, advanced functionality and underlying value in its current and future software offerings.”

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