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Transtector launches product line engineered to protect civil infrastructure against HEMP

Transtector Systems has released a line of surge protection devices engineered and tested to address the growing threat of electromagnetic pulse (EMP), specifically high-altitude EMP (HEMP), in all types of communications networks.

By meeting peak threat levels of Military Standard MIL-STD-188-125, these surge protection devices are optimised for high-level protection in AC, DC and data network applications. Innovative and patented Transtector silicon avalanche diode technology ensures long-term non-degrading high performance.
What is HEMP?
Broadly defined, HEMP refers to an Electro-magnetic reaction created by a nuclear explosion detonated high above the planet’s surface. The ensuing electromagnetic pulse would have the potential to wreak havoc on communications networks.

For product testing and reliability purposes, HEMP measurements focus on three pulses: E1 in nanoseconds, E2 in microseconds (similar to lightning), and E3, a longer phase potentially lasting minutes on grid systems (similar to a solar flare). For E4-level EMP solutions, Transtector partner brand PolyPhaser provides HEMP Tested RF solutions.

Combined with PolyPhaser, these products offer solutions for:
·        Land and mobile communications networks
·        Utility networks and grids
·        TV/radio broadcasting facilities
·        Process control in banking/finance
·        Road/rail signaling systems
·        Transport/communications infrastructure
·        Fielded military forces and support facilities
·        Backup power and energy storage systems
·        Internet of Things (IoT)

Specific HEMP Tested configurations include:
·        Transtector APEX IMAX HT Series: AC EMP Protection
·        Transtector ALPU HT and E3PM HT Series: Dataline EMP protection
·        Transtector/PolyPhaser E3PA HT Series: AC Protection to Extreme SREMP
·        Transtector/PolyPhaser DCPM HT Series: DC EMP Protection
·        PolyPhaser TSX HT Series: RF EMP Protection
·        PolyPhaser E3PM HT Series: DC Pass broadband protection

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