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Groundbreaking 3D graphics technology beneficial to mining awarded $1.9m commercialisation grant

Thirty four Australian inventions, including GPS rapid field mapping software, a decision making drilling control system for oil rigs and 3D gaming technology built on angular polygons will be turned into commercial success stories with the support of Federal Government grants.

Through Commercialisation Australia, $13 million will be invested in the projects, the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for Australian entrepreneurs.

Some of the projects to be granted funding are:

New 3D computer graphics technology with infinite geometry
Grant: $1,984,652
Most 3D technology is created for computer games using (angular) polygons. Euclideon has developed what may prove a groundbreaking advance in 3D technology, creating a search algorithm that will result in 3D images with vastly higher geometry – while saving costs and offering greater portability between platforms. It will have benefits for architecture, games, mining the sciences and many other industries. Funding from Commercialisation Australia will support programmers to convert the system from PC to game consoles, mobile phones and other platforms.

Earth Sense
Proof of Concept for a GPS Rapid Field Mapping Software
Grant: $239,500
Earth Sense has developed a user friendly GPS field mapping software program which allows for the
rapid mapping of environmental and geological attributes and public assets, allowing the user to continue mapping while staying on the move on foot, in a 4-wheel drive, boat or aircraft. The software is applicable to industries such as mining, power supply, environmental management, local councils and other government bodies that require field mapping. Commercialisation Australia will help Earth Sense to undertake a proof of concept project for its software.

Agent Oriented Software
Autonomous software decision making system
Grant: $235,000
The recent BP drilling rig disaster has heightened awareness of the need for intelligent, critical decision making drilling control systems that are not subject to human error. Agent Oriented Software has developed the Hydrate – Intelligent Watchdog (H-iWD) to assist and advise the operators of risks during oil drilling and extraction. Funding from Commercialisation Australia will enable Agent Oriented Software to develop a working prototype of the H-iWD.

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