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Greenpower Energy to develop OHD process commercially in Australia

Greenpower Energy has signed an MOU with US-based Thermaquatica to jointly test and develop the Oxidative Hydrothermal Dissolution (OHD) process for the conversion of coals to liquids (CTL).

The deal sees the company receive an exclusive license to develop and apply the OHD process on a commercial scale within Australia and NZ.

The OHD process has been developed by Thermaquatica and its CEO Dr Ken Anderson in conjunction with the University of Southern Illinois (SIU).

SIU holds the patent for the process and has previously granted Thermaquatica a universal license over the process to enable the continued push toward its commercialisation.

In return for the exclusive license on OHD in Australia and NZ, the company will directly finance research and development work by Thermaquatica on OHD.

The license will last for two years and should Greenpower complete the R&D investments over this time the option will convert to a full license.

The CTL process uses microwave energy to heat the coal and to create plasma conditions to assist its chemical conversion to liquid hydrocarbons.

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