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Government’s commitment to manufacturers

The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, guarantees his support to manufacturers at the Endeavour Awards held during National Manufacturing Week 2008.

“Soon after the budget, we had one financial journalist arguing “it’s ludicrous to … prop up failing manufacturing industries across the south-east quarter of the country when the growth is actually taking place in the north and the west,” recalled Senator Kim Carr.

“The journalist asked “what’s the point of throwing more money” at manufacturing “when it’s eventually going to close anyhow because it’s going to be killed by Chinese imports?” Unfortunately, this short-sighted and defeatist attitude is all too common. It overlooks the enormous importance of manufacturing to our economy, society, innovation capacity, trade balance, and national security,”

“Manufacturing contributes 10 per cent to GDP, employs 1.1 million people, accounts for two-fifths of business

spending on R&D and generated more than $87 billion worth of exports last year,” he said.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Senator Carr congratulated the winner of Manufacturer of the Year, Marand Precision Engineering, for their contribution to Australian manufacturing.

“The Rudd Labor Government recognises the value of the highly innovative manufacturing sector to Australia’s economy and society,” Senator Carr said.

“Manufacturing underpins all other economic activity and a strong manufacturing industry is essential to Australia’s future prosperity.

“It is a key driver of innovation, responsible for almost 40 per cent of business expenditure on research and development, more than any other sector.


Manufacturer of the Year

Marand Precision Engineering

Technology Application of the Year

Winner — CaromaDorf

Highly Commended — BHP Billiton/Mitsubishi Alliance and Marand Precision Engineering

Australian Industrial Product of the Year

Winner — Thompson Couplings

Highly Commended — JNI Pallet Systems and Peacock Bros

Australian Consumer Product of the Year

Winner — Ronstan International

Highly Commended — Davies, Craig

Australian Steel Innovation Award

Winner — JNI Pallet Systems

Highly Commended — Ron Clarke & Sons

Exporter of the Year Award

Winner — Marand Precision Engineering

Highly Commended — Noja Power Switchgear and Peregrine Semiconductor Australia

Global Integration Award

Winner — Marand Precision Engineering

Highly Commended — CST Composites

Safety Scheme of the Year

Winner — Australian Synchrotron Company

Highly Commended — Amcor Beverage Cans

Environmental Solution of the Year

Winner — Symbion Consumer

Highly Commended — CaromaDorf

Young Manufacturer of the Year

Winner — Heidi Edmiston from Kraft Foods

Highly Commended — Benjamin Trager from Residential Truss Systems

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