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Google to introduce “Android Things”


Google has announced a public developer preview of its Android-based Internet of Things (IoT) initiative, dubbed “Android Things”.

Android Things will allow developers to build a smart device using Android APIs and Google Services.

The first version includes:

  • Android developer framework that includes Android Studio and other tools to develop, run and debug code
  • Android framework APIs to simplify access to peripheral interfaces, support libraries for common hardware peripherals, and Android extensions to support devices with zero or more displays
  • Ability to use Google Play Services on the device, giving access to Google APIs for authentication, cloud and voice services

The preview is offering “turnkey” support for the Intel Edison, NXP Pico and the Raspberry Pi 3. Support for the Intel Joule Computer Module is also in the works.

Google is attempting to solve IoT security issues with its feature “updates direct from Google”. According to the company, in the next few months, newer developer previews will support an infrastructure enabling developers to push out images and OTA updates on their own schedule.

The company is also releasing a public device software development kit (SDK) for the Weave communication protocol, as well as a management console and access to Google Assistant. Currently, the Weave Device SDK supports schemas for light bulbs, smart plugs and switches, and thermostats, with more device types coming soon, as well as support for custom ones.

Manufacturers including Belkin WeMo, First Alert, Honeywell, LiFX, TP-Link and Wink have announced their support for Weave.

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