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Going with the flow measurement

The new Powder Cell from Anton Paar for the MCR rheometer series brings the full array of traditional rheological methods to the field of powder. 

Now it is possible to simulate and determine powder flow under different conditions. This is important in the field of quality control, but also to investigate dry granular flow, especially in the fluidised or near-fluidised state. 

An MCR rheometer plus Powder Cell is the perfect combination for true rheological investigations of powders in quality control as well as research and development. 

Working with powders creates challenges, particularly when it comes to processing and storage and also intake and predelivery control. Most of these challenges are related to powder flow. 

Powder flow is influenced by a wide range of factors such as particle size and shape, chemical structure, humidity, temperature, packaging behaviour, static charge, surface morphology etc. 

An MCR rheometer combined with the Powder Cell can simulate and determine powder flow under different conditions and therefore ensures efficient quality control and smooth powder processing.

The Powder Cell from Anton Paar delivers reliable and reproducible results by clearing the “powder memory” with fluidisation. Furthermore an automatic measurement program ensures results within two minutes and therefore high throughput. The Powder Cell is easy to use. It provides automatically performed calibration and live visualisation of the measurements. Operating costs are low and the unique dust protection hood safeguards the operator and the instrument from fine and potentially hazardous powder. 

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