Gilson’s automated liquid handling platform for hands free pipetting

John Morris Scientific introduces a new automated liquid handling platform by Gilson designed to enable hands-free pipetting.

Gilson’s Pipetmax takes the tedious work of pipetting out of the user’s hands, also decreasing the risk of pipetting errors. Unlike traditional automation platforms, the Pipetmax is compact and easy to use, and contains a built-in Pipetman pipette for reliable and consistent results.

Gilson’s Pipetmax automated liquid handling platform enables the hardware and software to be customised to suit personal requirements. Users can also configure and customise their run using any reagent and protocol. Pre-developed, validated protocols and applications can also be downloaded with simple configurations on an intuitive, open software platform.

The Pipetmax weighs less than 20kg and will fit under a hood or on a benchtop.

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