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Giant Lion Know-How offers innovative technologies for commercialisation

At TiGiS, Giant Lion Know-How displayed several innovative technologies that have been developed in-house.

The sixth Taiwan International Green Industry Show (TiGiS) was held on October 6 to 9 in Taipei.

One product from Giant Lion Know-How was a radiator with a direct heat conduction core area and an annular optimised horizontal thermal conductor.

This patented design consists of a copper and aluminium leading to low thermal resistance. It finds use in large thermostat bodies, industrial boilers and heating devices.

Another patented design was a patented shallow geothermal cooling system for a wind tower turbine generator.

Wind turbines typically need cooling systems to ensure high efficiency, longevity of equipment and safe operation.

Giant Lion’s geothermal generator cooling design uses cooling coils mounted on a standard wind turbine generator and demonstrated a cooling of over 40 degrees compared with traditional cooling using heat sinks.

The advantages listed included: high dissipation rate; low power consumption; small space requirements in the nacelle; reliable operation.

The company has also developed a very fast charging system for electric vehicle charging. The novel system can charge an EV from 20% to 80% in three minutes.

Using a multi-way battery plate, featuring several nodes, ensures a more homogeneous chemical reaction. This results in a lower temperature rise and longer battery life.

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