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Geelong Sustainability launches electric homes program

Geelong Sustainability launches electric homes program

Geelong Sustainability has launched a new community-driven program to help households across the Barwon Southwest transition to an all-electric, solar powered future.

The Electric Homes Program is designed to help homeowners switch to electric energy-efficient appliances, combined with solar and battery storage, at a time when many are feeling the pinch of rising energy bills and are also conscious about their impact on the environment.

Geelong Sustainability has partnered with RACV Solar, Jeztek Plumbing and Reclaim Energy to deliver the community purchase program, which brings together information, products and experienced suppliers to make it easy for households to install solar panels, home battery storage, hot water heat pumps, efficient heating and cooling systems and electric vehicle chargers.

Modelling from Rewiring Australia shows that transitioning from a gas and petrol fuelled home to an electric home, powered by renewables with an electric vehicle, can save up $3,450 a year.

Geelong Sustainability chief executive officer Dan Cowdell said the program leveraged expertise from around the region to deliver real-world solutions for Victorians looking to future-proof their home

“Electrifying your home is better for your family’s health, your wallet and the environment. Homeowners are an important part of our region’s transition away from fossil fuels. Over two million Victorians rely on gas in their homes and businesses, that’s more than any other state in Australia.”

“Right now, there’s a lot of buzz around going all-electric – many people understand the benefits but don’t know where to start, or don’t have the time to do it. We’re proud to offer this new program that’s designed to support our communities to make the transition with ease and confidence,” Mr Cowdell said.

“The Electric Homes Program is a community-powered program at its core, so every solar system purchased through the program also contributes towards us being able to donate solar and hot water systems back to communities in need.”

Geelong Sustainability aims to build off the success of its previous Geelong Community Solar Program, which saw over 2.5 megawatts of solar and battery storage installed across the region in 2021 and the donation of solar systems to eight community facilities.

The Electric Homes Program launches today and is open to households in the local government areas of the City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast, Colac Otway, Golden Plains Shires and the Borough of Queenscliffe.

It’s supported by all five local councils, and many local community groups, with the City of Greater Geelong as the major program sponsor. People can sign up by attending a local community information session or via

Bill Bloodworth, RACV Solar CEO said, “This is another exciting initiative from Geelong Sustainability that will make it easier for homeowners wanting a more sustainable future for their family and community. It aligns with RACV’s commitment to improving lives and supporting a cleaner energy future.

“We’re proud to be selected by Geelong Sustainability for a second time so we can build off the success of the Geelong Community Solar Program in 2021 and deliver meaningful outcomes for the region.”

Chris Taylor Reclaim Energy director said, “This program addresses one of the big hurdles for people looking to make their homes more efficient. Electrification isn’t just about swapping out one appliance, most people are looking to make a range of upgrades in their home and might do it over time.

“Every home is different, so giving people access to the information, products and providers that can help them do it all is a game changer – it’s another wonderful initiative from Geelong Sustainability.”

Jeremy Dahler, Jeztek Plumbing director said, “Community is at the heart of the Electric Homes Program which is one of the things that sets it apart from many similar programs. As a local business based in Geelong, we’re proud to be working with Geelong Sustainability and the other partners to deliver positive outcomes for our beautiful region, supporting local jobs and the economy.”

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