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GE partners with XD Electric to provide high voltage transmission to Australia

GE and XD Electric have partnered together to combine GE's grid automation capability with XD's experience and high voltage power equipment.

The announcement comes only a day after GE Industrial Solutions entered into an agreement with the Forge Group to combine the company's medium-voltage electrical equipment and skills with Forge's installation and servicing capabilities.

Under the agreement Forge will supply warranty servicing, installation, and commissioning of GE's medium-voltage equipment in Australia.

In turn GE will supply medium voltage equipment on Forge's asset management projects.

This new agreement with XD now strengthens GE's position in the high voltage transmission and distribution space.

GE's Digital Energy business general manager for Australia and NZ, Matt McKenzie, said the announcement will help Australian utilities meet the growing demand and need for more rapid deployment of off-grid generation, particularly in mining.

"Continued investment is needed in grid infrastructure to replace ageing assets and networks while integrating renewable energy sources and modernising Australia’s grid," McKenzie said.

"As more wind, solar and geothermal energy enter the mix of generation sources, GE’s new high voltage capabilities will help utilities to integrate renewables into their grid systems in a safe,reliable and cost efficient way. This is particularly important in Australia where electricity prices have risen significantly in recent years largely due to increases in transmission and distribution costs."

GE stated that by "combining the strengths of both GE and XD Electric, we will provide Australian utilities and flexibility and local expertise to meet their transmission needs".

It added that "our investment in XD Electric is core to GE's long term commitment to Australia".

Energy intensive industries, such as mining and manufacturing, account for around 33 per cent of end use demand, and require large amounts of reliable power and distribution networks.

"Many of our mining and resource customers in remote regions of Australia need a combination of high, medium and low voltages to get their entire electrical system connected," McKenzie said.

"GE now has a complete portfolio to generate, distribute and convert power more efficiently, at a lower cost and with enhanced productivity gains."

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