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GE Intelligent Platforms joins the PTC PartnerAdvantage Program to optimise manufacturing performance

GE Intelligent Platforms is joining the PTC PartnerAdvantage program.

The two companies will work to integrate GE’s Proficy software applications with PTC’s technology solutions to help manufacturers close the loop between product design and production execution on the shop floor.

GE Intelligent Platforms is a provider of manufacturing operations management software.

As a platinum tier member of the PTC PartnerAdvantage program, GE Intelligent Platforms will gain access to tools for integrating its MES applicationswith PTC Creo design software and PTC Windchill product lifecycle management software.

Proficy Plant Applications, integrated with PTC Windchill MPMLink, will enable process plans, manufacturing bill of materials (mBOMs), and work instructions to accurately reflect engineering design.

“When manufacturers design the process for quality and compliance they can ensure that products are built right the first time,” said Jim Walsh, Industrial Software General Manager for GE Intelligent Platforms.

“The integrated solution that Proficy software and PTC Windchill offers customers is the ability to reduce errors, accelerate new product introductions, and provide flexibility to manage engineering change.”

GE’s Proficy Plant Applications maintains traceability and genealogy of products and parts, including process parameters, equipment and tooling used for a full “as-built” record of modifications and sign-offs, complementing the “as-designed” and “as-planned” records in PTC Windchill.

Proficy is used by manufacturers to reduce work in process, gain tighter control on quality, and streamline supply chain.

“The very nature of product design, increasing collaboration and protecting data fidelity across any user role, any design mode, or any data source is imperative,” said Brian Shepherd, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Segments, PTC.

"It is incumbent upon software companies like GE and PTC to assist manufacturers in making this a reality.”

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