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GE Fanuc is now intrinsically safe

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has completed the acquisition of assets of the MTL Open System Technologies (MOST) product lines including the MTL8000 general purpose I/O, intrinsically safe I/O, SafetyNet system, and process control technologies.

“Customers with the need for SIL2 safety systems or Intrinsically Safe Field Mounted I/O will benefit from this new offering,” said Bill Estep, Vice President of GE Fanuc’s Control Systems Business. “This acquisition illustrates GE Fanuc’s commitment to the process market segments and will further enhance our offerings by providing customers with a superior line of SIL2 controls, intrinsically safe rated I/O modules and process control technologies.”

The MTL8000 I/O and its technologies are deployed around the world by process system OEMs, system integrators, and end users to solve their process control applications. It is built to withstand the extremes of temperature and vibration as well as the hazardous and corrosive gases that rule out the use of conventional I/O in unfriendly environments.

SafetyNet is a SIL2 certified system that provides a comprehensive solution for safety-related applications, including: process shut down (PSD), emergency shut down (ESD) systems and burner management systems.

“This is an excellent fit for GE Fanuc, who will now have a full line of SIL 2 compliant and intrinsically safe open control platform products,” said Larry O’Brien, Research Director, Process Automation for ARC Advisory Group. “MOST has had a lot of success in applications where a pure PLC platform provides too little functionality and a full-blown DCS too much, a space that GE Fanuc fully addresses with their PAC Systems. The MOST offering essentially provides a blank slate to which GE Fanuc can apply its own application expertise, and further develop GE Fanuc’s adherence to ARC’s Collaborative Production Systems (CPS) model.”

With the addition of a line of ruggedized process I/O, intrinsically safe I/O, and a certified SIL2 safety system to its process solutions, GE Fanuc is now able to more fully address the process and safety needs of key process industries including Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Water/Wastewater, Power and Energy, and Mining and Metals.

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