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GE Additive and University of Sydney to hold additive manufacturing event

General Electric Additive and the University of Sydney are in discussions to collaborate on establishing Sydney as a global leader in digitally-led metal additive manufacturing, with an industry event being held in Barangaroo next week.

The nature of this collaboration supports the creation of the first metal additive manufacturing “total ecosystem” – the complete value chain including industrial design, materials science, mechanical engineering and mechatronics, integrated digital platforms and analytics, business/IP/law in Australia.

The collaboration will also establish the critical technology and put people in place to drive commercial and economic opportunity, education, skills and job development, underpinned by a capacity for fundamental research.

Additive manufacturing uses a digital design to create a three-dimensional object by depositing material, as superfine layers, in precise geometric shapes. The digital development revolutionises industrial production enabling the creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems with digital efficiency and flexibility. Topologies, shapes, sizes and structures can be created that would be impossible using conventional manufacturing.

The NSW Department of Industry, in conjunction with the University of Sydney and General Electric (GE) will hold a technology and advanced manufacturing event next week in Sydney.

The event will discuss how non-traditional industries collaborate and engage to spark opportunity and deliver commercial outcomes and will feature addresses from Professor Duncan Ivison, The University of Sydney’s deputy vice chancellor of research and Christine Furstoss, vice president and chief technology officer of GE Additive.

These addresses will be followed by a panel discussion: “The New Industrial Revelation: How Additive Manufacturing and innovation are changing manufacturing and the opportunities for SME’s”.

The event will be held at International Towers Sydney in Barangaroo on Monday 10 December 2018 between 5:15pm for 5.30pm. The event will conclude at 7pm followed by networking.

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