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Gas analyser for hydrogen-cooled generators

gas analyser

Michell Instruments has added a new analyser dedicated to monitoring hydrogen-cooled electricity generators to its range of moisture and oxygen analysers. The XTC601 has been designed with three phase profiles to cover all of the gas analysis requirements for operation and maintenance.

It has three phase profiles:

  • Normal operation: H2 purity (air as the contaminant). Providing continuous, online measurements of the atmosphere within the generator
  • Purging H2 with CO2: Indicating when all the H2 has been removed from the system before routine maintenance – vital for safety and avoiding risk of explosions
  • Purging CO2 with air: This phase ensures that the atmosphere is safe for the engineers to work

The analyser has three calibration maps to enable measurement in each of the above gas mixtures. Switching between them is simple using the integrated HMI or via an input from the plant control system.

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