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FUTEK introduces S-Beam load cells in three models

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology (FUTEK) introduces three new models in their range of S-Beam load cells. The LSB Series load cells include LSB200, LSB302 and LSB350.

One of the major advantages of FUTEK S-Beam load cells is their broad capacity range. The LSB Series has a measurement range of 10 grams to 11339kg to fit several applications requiring endurance testing. When paired with any of the USB solutions, the LSB Series can produce measurements as precise as 0.10 grams.

FUTEK’s S-Beam load cells also feature overload protection. Select models from the line are robustly constructed to sustain high volume loads. FUTEK specifically designed this sensor line with a protective feature that limits the output of the sensor, shielding it against damage. The overload protection feature provides users with the assurance that the load cell’s performance will not be impacted in the event of an accidental overload on the sensor.

Model LSB200 (Miniature S-Beam Jr.) features a 1000% safe overload rated output in tension/compression with capacities between 10 grams and 45.36kg. Precision cuts in the LSB200 allow the unit to boast impressive overload rating.

In addition to the vast capacity range, FUTEK LSB load cells are also designed for in-line endurance applications. FUTEK’s S-Beam Series offers overload protection, submersible models and OEM options, meeting a wide range of applications from industrial automation to delicate medical testing.

FUTEK is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics

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