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Funding for cutting-edge test and measurement facilities

THREE cutting edge test and measurement projects are being funded as part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) scheme.

In all, the Federal Government is providing more than $30 million for 78 projects. The new and improved facilities funded by this scheme will researchers to broaden their understanding of their topics.

Researchers from the University of Sydney, for example, have been given $600,000 for a project titled “Multi-dimensional, high speed laser imaging facility for fluids and combustion”.

The money will fund a new high-speed laser diagnostics facilities which will enable Australian researchers to perform unique, real time measurements in combustion systems.

The researchers will be able to use these laser-based measurements to advance the science of combustion and facilitate the development of design tools for the optimisation of clean and efficient energy conversion devices.

Another project, being administered by Swinburne University of Technology, titled “Hybrid testing facility for structures under extreme loads”, received $870,000.

The resultant testing facility will provide a regional and national focus for large three dimensional static and dynamic testing of components, systems and infrastructure used in civil engineering, mining and railways as well as in the aerospace and automotive industries.

A third project, titled “An integrated system for measuring thermoelectric properties of advanced materials”, received $300,000.

The researchers at The University of Queensland will establish an integrated measuring system which will form the key step in developing thermoelectric materials.

The research will develop advanced materials with significant economic and environmental benefits for many industries, such as materials manufacturing and improving automobile energy efficiency.

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