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Fujitsu to supply Boeing with RFID technology

Fujitsu has announced that it has signed a contract to supply The Boeing Company with Fujitsu RFID Integrated Labels that will be able to manage individual components, achieve accurate traceability, and raise the efficiency of its aircraft maintenance work.

In order for an aircraft to safely operate for as long as thirty years, strict configuration management of components is necessary, but because this task previously had to be done by an employee visually checking and manually entering the data, it required a great deal of time.

By attaching Fujitsu’s RFID labels to the approximately seven thousand aircraft components that make up a single aircraft and automatically generating an ARL, Boeing aims to digitally manage component information and greatly improve task efficiency, including cutting man hours worked and reducing human error.

In this way, aircraft delivery tasks are also becoming more efficient, supporting improved productivity in aircraft manufacturing.

In addition, by using the digitised ARL, airlines can ensure accurate traceability for components, enabling secure and rapid support during maintenance or when a fault occurs.

Moreover, by using RFID labels in inventory management and stocktaking tasks, efficiencies in logistics operations and inventory optimisation can also be expected.


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