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Fuji Electric acquires LV switchboard manufacturer and focuses on Asia Pacific

Electric has concluded an agreement with Osaki Electric to acquire its
Singapore-based subsidiary, SMB Electric (SMBE).

Australia the company, SMD Harwal, operates out of Lane Cove Business Park in

is working to expand its energy-related business with the focus on the
industrial infrastructure and power electronics business.

SMBE is a major manufacturer of low-voltage electrical switchgear and control
gear solutions conducting business in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and

has taken advantage of its relationships with design consulting and plant
engineering firms to deliver many installations for data centers, commercial
facilities and industrial plant and factory equipment.

Fuji established Fuji Tusco in Thailand last October to strengthen the power
transformation business and, in December, launched Fuji Electric Manufacturing,
a new factory mainly engaged in the production of power electronics devices as
the core base of manufacturing in Asia.

The present acquisition is expected to allow Fuji to make use of SMBE’s
resources to further expand the business in Asia.

SMBE’s sales channels in the Asia-Pacific region and
engineering capabilities will be utilised to increase the number of industrial
plant and system projects that combine the company’s low-voltage switchboards
and power electronics devices (such as uninterruptible power supplies
systems (UPSs), inverters, motors, molded and other transformers and measuring

Fuji will licence its technology for companies to start producing
medium-voltage switchboards. These can be combined with Fuji’s merchandise for
the development of new markets such as marine electrical equipment and offshore
plants in the offshore sector.

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