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Frequency-dependent RFID processor

Balluff presents the BIS V processor which is designed to offer frequency-dependent use for the first time.

The new processor meets the needs of modern production and assembly plants where RFID systems with various read/write distances and resulting frequency ranges are finding increasing use.

Featuring a compact processor unit, which is available for every commonly used bus system in the world, the processor allows up to four read/write heads to be connected. Both HF (13.56 MHz) in accordance with ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 as well as LF (40…455 kHz) read heads can be connected simultaneously from the front via plug-and-play.

The processor also allows UHF antennas to be integrated for the short range band. A single controller type is sufficient for setting up a continuous RFID structure within (from unfinished parts delivery and manufacturing to shipping). This results in savings on hardware and installation. 

An IO-Link master port is also included as standard for connecting IO-Link compatible sensors and actuators, allowing the RFID processors to go beyond the actual identification role and to send signals cost-effectively.

The processor can be used in several typical application areas. For instance, it can be used in identification tasks for material flow control in production systems.

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