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Free tickets to Making Australia’s Future!

Australian Made is giving away 50 free tickets to the Making Australia’s Future Conference at Melbourne University on November 29. The conference is designed to provide engineers and strategists in Australia’s manufacturing sector with the best advice on pertinent industry issues.

The conference will feature highly practical presentations from the executives of some of Australia’s most successful manufacturing companies – from BlueScope Steel, Toyota, Cochlear, Hawker de Havilland and more.

Cochlear senior vice president, manufacturing and logistics, Dig Howitt, will set out valuable action points on how Australian factories can establish and maintain a world-class culture of innovation.

Hawker de Havilland general manager for business development, Jo Staines will show manufacturers how to capitalise on opportunities in the international aerospace industry.

Barry Budge, Corporate Manage of Toyota’s Purchasing division will provide inside information to those manufacturers interested in doing more work as suppliers to the automotive industry.

ANCA executive turned consultant, Linsey Siede, will share his wisdom on how Australian manufacturers can better design and build products for export. In his six years at ANCA, Siede’s responsibilities encompassed all of the company’s global operations, including branches in the US, China, UK, Italy, Germany, Japan, Brazil, and Israel, and agents in more than 25 countries throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas

There will also be a debate on the topic Going green is Australia’s greatest manufacturing opportunity today. Representing the affirmative case will be Jon Ward from Sustainability Victoria and Ian Young of the Manufacturing Best Practice Program. They will oppose two of Australia’s most talented university debaters.

To claim your free ticket, click here.

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