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Free Fluke checklist shows energy savings potential

Fluke Corporation has published a no-charge application note, showing how facility managers can save money to help their companies through the economic downturn.

The portable test and measurement technology provider said that the application note was developed as a result of tough economic times making budgets tight for many businesses.

The application note, called Save money with best practices and an energy inspection checklist, shows how to trim costs by optimising the performance of existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, without new spending.

The three-page article details 19 money-saving checks and inspections that facilities managers could conduct, in key energy-consumption areas including steam systems, cooling systems, fan systems, lighting and building automation.

Fluke Australia managing director, Steve Hood, said, “With the economic downturn, many facility managers are facing very tight operation and maintenance budgets.”

According to Hood, many facilities are “sitting on multiple energy conservation opportunities that can save thousands of dollars per year with relatively little capital investment.”

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