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Free engineering whitepaper claims 25% cuts to assembly operation costs

A new whitepaper written for manufacturers, machine builders and design engineers on how to cut costs of test-intensive assembly operations by 25 per cent or more is now available as a free download from InterTech Development Company, based in the US.

Called the Test-Centric Assembly White Paper, the document’s authors claim it contains information not only on how to cut testing costs by 25 per cent, but also how to decrease leak test and functional test cycle times up to 70 per cent; how to save up to 10 per cent in product development costs with faster and more test solutions; and how to cut time-to-market by up to 15 per cent.

‘Test-Centric Assembly’ is a term coined by InterTech Development Company several years ago to help explain the upfront consideration of real-world test requirements in test-intensive assembly operations that is proven to lower production line inefficiencies.

The contents of the technical guide include: discussion of in-line versus in-process testing; differentiating between defective parts versus defective tests; differences in fixture design for testing versus assembly; comparing generic versus customised software for testing applications; and related cost-savings of various assembly and test techniques.

Download the document for free here.

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