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FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 Interoperability Test Kit 6.1.1 released

The Fieldbus Foundation has released the FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 Interoperability Test Kit (ITK) 6.1.1.

The H1 ITK is an advanced testing solution benefitting both developers and end users of FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 devices.

The latest version of the Interoperability test kit reflects the increased focus of the Fieldbus Foundation on usability. The Fieldbus Foundation has already made enhancements to its Interoperability Test Kit (ITK) that make it easier for end users to replace "Like for Like" devices.

The procedure for replacing a device with a newer revision level of the same make and model of device is now automated to allow the configuration in an existing field instrument to be restored in a newer version of that instrument without manual intervention.

This latest release includes 64-bit Microsoft Windows support. The full H1 suite of testing tools, including the Automation Toolkit, is now compatible with modern 64-bit testing systems.

Utilising the Automation Toolkit alongside the H1 ITK allows device suppliers to develop and enhance their products easily and rapidly. Updated test cases for various function blocks and transducer blocks are available to maintain compatibility and fix bugs.

The H1 ITK consists of a test engine, communication stack and function block interface card. A suitable tool for troubleshooting and debugging FOUNDATION fieldbus instruments, it includes all hardware and software required to ensure device interoperability.

By using the H1 ITK, instrument manufacturers can test their devices prior to submitting their product for official registration with the Fieldbus Foundation.

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