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Formal certification courses for IT professionals

UPSKILLED is now offering IT courses for professionals, including Certificate IV and Diplomas.

Upskilled is an Australian Registered Training Organisation. According to the training provider, formal IT qualifications are highly sought-after by employers, and IT professionals will benefit within the job market by turning their existing vendor certifications and industry experience into nationally recognised qualifications.

To meet industry demand, Upskilled has developed 16 new courses, built from industry specific vendor certifications.

The qualifications range from Certificate II through to a selection of Diplomas.

According to Upskilled, its courses may also be subsidised by Government funding and incentives for businesses and individuals, meaning that the entire cost of the training would be covered.

By aligning the programs against vendor training from Microsoft, CISCO or CompTIA, Upskilled says students can take into account their prior learning, work experience and existing certification, reducing their study time for those formal qualifications.

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