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Food production level sensors

SmartLevel sensors from Balluff are the first choice wherever conventional capacitive sensors reach their limits.

They reliably detect the levels of aqueous to highly conductive media while annoying deposits, contamination, liquid films and foam formant are reliably masked out.

Designed for a conductivity of approx. 50 … 500mS/cm and greater, it detects the level either in direct contact or through plastic or glass containers with wall thicknesses of up to 10 mm.

This non-flush mountable sensor is available in an M30x1.5 housing with PNP or NPN normally open or normally closed output. The user can choose between stainless steel or a fully PTFE encased housing with IP67 protection.

The sensor is designed for an ambient temperature of -10 …+60° C. The stainless steel version is connected via a 4-pin M12 plug, with power and switching state indicated by a green and yellow LED respectively.

The PTFE version features a housing fully encased in PTFE, with a red LED for function indication and a 2m long PTFE cable.

The sensor can detect levels non-contact through plastic or glass walls, without the need for holes or openings.

Typical applications include sensing liquid, strongly adhering foods such as ketchup and mustard or detecting highly conductive effluents, saline solutions and acids.

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