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Fonon releases new metal 3D printing systems

Fonon Technologies has released a new metal sintering
system that it claims is a breakthrough in 3D printing.

Fonon, a US-based two-decades-old plus laser technology
company, calls its new system 3D Fusion or 3D Laser
Metal Sintering, and describes it as an additive
nano powder manufacturing technology.

“We believe that our vast experience in the design and
manufacture of laser tools installed at most major Fortune 500 manufacturing
companies will guarantee the broader penetration of exciting 3D metal fusion
into industrial space,” said the company’s Robert Hunt in a statement.

“We intend to replace the generic approach to 3D Metal
prototyping and replace it with development of specialized high productivity 3D
Fusion systems to fit specific applications.”

The technology involves layeres of 10 to 100 microns thick
of metal powder being fused in a “tightly controlled vacuum or inert gas atmosphere.”

Fonon’s fibre and C02 laser processing technologies include marking,
cutting and engraving, and have been used by companies including GE, 3M and


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