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Focus must be on productivity improvement enablers

The ARC Advisory Group says manufacturing companies must begin to deploy appropriate automation systems and enterprise solutions along with other productivity tools.

Raw materials are a finite resource, so companies who own or have access to them have the pricing power. Minerals are rising in demand because process industries are in the marketplace sourcing for raw material. Companies are realizing that to remain successful they must ensure that there is adequate back end support.

ARC expects that with China and India emerging as fast growing economies, the global demand for commodities will only go up. The demand from these countries for raw materials is expanding at a time when environmental awareness has increased and natural sources are depleting. So, their analysts say that the way forward for mining companies to meet their demand would be to improve the mining or extraction productivity and efficiency; while process industries must be more efficient and productive in their conversion processes so that they produce more with less, the discrete industry must reduce material consumption and reduce wastage.

Automation and enterprise solutions built around information technology play a crucial role in improving productivity, achieving higher levels of efficiencies, reducing wastage, and in addressing environmental concerns.

ARC’s next forum in July will discuss strategies that help manufacturing companies meet these challenges.

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