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Fluke dramatises digital multimeter with new animation video

Fluke Corporation has produced an animated video as a marketing exercise to raise awareness of its Fluke 289 Industrial Trending Digital Multimeter (DMM).

Fluke, a specialist in handheld electronic test and measurement technology, created the video to show how busy facility maintenance professionals can collect revealing system performance data without getting pinned down, using its Fluke 289 Industrial Trending Digital Multimeter (DMM).

The video is set in a secret industrial complex and the mission is to capture 10,000 readings using the Fluke 289 DMM, the company said.

The animated video features ominous music and furtive figures darting around heavy equipment and dodging an armed security team, and shows how the Fluke 289 DMM can be attached to a circuit to collect information, even while the operator is busy elsewhere.

The Fluke 289 DMM can record events that take place in a test circuit over time, without the user being present, the company says.

“In today’s environment of decreased staffing and greater work load, having the Fluke 289 DMM is like having another electrician on staff,” a Fluke media release said.

“The user can later review the saved data on the meter’s large display to spot anomalies and identify trends. The collected data can also be downloaded to a PC, where powerful FlukeView Forms software makes it easy to create custom graphs and reports.”

A Fluke application note explaining event recording and analysis with the Fluke 289 DMM is available with other Fluke case studies and notes on the Fluke application notes web page for DMMs.

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